Create your life story in silver, gold, and white gold ...
Every life-story is worth more than words.

Create your life story with silver, gold and white gold, honouring your most treasured moments with diamonds and pearls.

The moral of Storywheels, originates in America.

Twenty years ago, a jewellery designer was waiting in an airport after his flight had been cancelled, giving him time to envisage fresh ideas. Sketching a line on a napkin, he recognised its similarity to a life line. He began to transform the marked points along the line into circles-depicting a chapter in the life story- realising their potential as wheels that could be attached to the line or chain.
Award winning, fifth- avenue jewellery designer, Richard Palermo, is head of the Storywheels design team and elevated the concept to a new chapter in the brands history- the original composable bracelet. Using precious stones in a wealth of captivating colours including amethysts, emeralds and topaz, the customer can behold a truly personal and unique piece.

Creating statement pieces in necklaces, and an array of co-ordinating jewellery the wheels create a novel way to preserve precious memories, and are regularly producing new designs to ensure all life’s experiences (past, present and future) can be celebrated.

In 2011, DMJ launched a new range of stones which allow customers to add their birthstones to their Storywheels bracelets.

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