DMJ Company History

Pandora Jewellery was introduced into the UK in mid 2005 by DMJ. Since then Pandora has enjoyed rapid success in the UK market place. Pandora has caught the consumer's imagination and set the world of Pandora alight.

Since its formation in 2005 to 2008, DMJ acquired approximately 400 jewellery retailers who are drawn to the quality, image and unforgettable moments of the Pandora concept. In the last year alone, DMJ's growth has exceeded everyone's wildest expectations. In January 2009 following DMJ's overwhelming success of introducing Pandora Jewellery to the UK market, the international operator of Pandora Jewellery assumed control and distribution in the UK. Within a very short space of time DMJ had taken Pandora Jewellery from a completely unknown brand to the UK's leading silver jewellery brand (as reported in the Retailer Jeweller magazine).

Holler, Just-Cavalli, and Morellato mega launch at Spring Fair 2012

The beginning of 2012, blossomed a prolific new chapter in the DMJ company portfolio. Instead of just seizing the day, DMJ seized the week of The Jewellery Show, at Spring Fair, with three stands, and launching four impressive new brands.

Firstly, Holler, a unique lifestyle brand re-conceptualized for the UK market. Bringing together a compilation of northern soul inspired designs, extensive research into the quality control of the products, and the 'missing gap' in the UK market. DMJ have stock of the watches, caps, t-shirts, and sunglasses. Promising dedication and service like no other to suppliers and customers alike, DMJ dedicated an entire stand to the Holler brand, to ensure that the brand achieved it's maximum potential.

The penultimate brand, the much idolised 'Just Cavalli' originates from Italian fashion house, Roberto Cavalli. DMJ supply watches and some collection from the ladies jewellery collection.

Finally, a brand that paints a picture of a thousand words with just one name- Morellato. Italian titan of fashion and fine jewellery, they are a welcome addition to the DMJ portfolio, increasing our fine jewellery brand offering.

Storywheels UK Launch IJL 2009

The Ultimate Composable Bracelet.

Every life-story is worth more than words.

Immortalize your legend with silver, gold and white gold, honouring your most treasured moments with diamonds and pearls.

The origins of Storywheels lie in America.

Twenty years ago, a jewellery designer was waiting in an airport after his flight had been cancelled, giving him time to envisage fresh ideas. Sketching a line on a napkin, he recognised its similarity to a life line. He began to transform the marked points along the line into circles-depicting a chapter in the life story- realising their potential as wheels that could be attached to the line or chain.

Award winning, fifth- avenue jewellery designer, Richard Palermo, is head of the Storywheels design team and elevated the concept to a new chapter in the brands history- the original composable bracelet. Using precious stones in a wealth of captivating colours including amethysts, emeralds and topaz, the customer can behold a truly personal and unique piece.

Creating statement pieces in necklaces, and an array of co-ordinating jewellery the wheels create a novel way to preserve precious memories, and are regularly producing new designs to ensure all life’s experiences (past, present and future) can be celebrated.

In 2011, DMJ launched a new range of stones which allow customers to add their birthstones to their Storywheels bracelets.

Belle Etoile Spring Fair 2010

Shine like the star you are. In French, Belle Étoile means beautiful star. That is why a delightful radiance permeates throughout all our creations. Designed to reflect the latest European fashion trends, our dazzling selection of exquisite jewellery enhances the lifestyle of the modern woman. Working with the finest materials available – including cubic zirconia, quartz, shell pearl, mother of pearl, silver and gorgeous enamels – our designers adhere to the philosophy of contrasting colour with graceful curves. Originality is essential : unique pieces of jewellery make a statement louder than words. Belle Étoile is not just a style -- it is a vision to harness the beauty of the stars glittering in the sky to illuminate the Belle Étoiles among us.

Belle Chique UK Launch IJL 2011

Another unique addition to the DMJ portfolio, Belle Chique's creations are dripping in natural diamonds and a chique spectrum of 18 carat golds.

The pave set uses clusters of diamonds to amplify the brilliance of each piece, creating continuous rows of dazzling diamonds.

The collection includes thin line bracelets, rondelles, pendants and a classic solitaire diamond jewellery set.

Belle Chique jewellery value resilience and flexibility, offering the option to create a unique and bespoke piece. With a large selection of colours and co-ordinating jewellery, allowing every woman to effortlessly accesorise any outfit, day or night.

Antica Murrina UK Launch IJL 2011

The self-proclaimed "international leader in fashion glass jewellery", Antica Murrina has a rich, cultural heritage in creating glamorous hand-made glass jewels.

Antica Murrina offer affordable jewellery, and each piece produced is unique because it is hand-crafted by master glass-workers, using time-honoured techniques (such as glass flaming) that date back as far as the 10th century.

All items are also polished and finished by hand, to ensure that the highest possible quality is achieved.

All glass canes (which form the base of each product) are produced exclusively on the infamous Murano island- one of Italy's most treasured glass manufacturers.

Romance and glamour nourish Venetian design, blossoming into internationally recognised collections.

Zinzi UK Launch IJL 2011

The self-proclaimed "international leader in fashion glass jewellery", Antica Murrina has a rich, cultural heritage in creating glamorous Zinzi offer an exquisite collection of sterling silver accessories from Europe’s top designers. The brand had previously experienced limited distribution throughout the UK. DMJ aim to provide competitive prices as the price point of silver rises.

Bursting with style, colour and a flourish of contemporary design, Zinzi's bracelets, pendants and earrings will enhance any woman’s jewellery collection.

Choose from a selection of locks to mix and match bracelets and necklaces, or at the flip of a pendant switch black to white to match any outfit.

All jewellery is made by the worlds leading jewellery manufacturers, using only the latest technologies.

Nicky Vankets UK Launch International Jewellery London (IJL) 2008

Nicky Vankets is a collection of fashion jewellery and accessories, with innovative designs for women. The Nicky Vankets collection is full of fashion treasures, all with a touch of difference. First launched at international exhibitions throughout the world in 2005 to global applause and an instant success with buyers and fashionista's worldwide, this fashionably fabulous collection is now available to buy for the first time in the UK.

The collection, mixed by the hand, oozes with sophistication and creativity in a delectable pallet of glimmering golds and shiny silvers, with dazzling garlands, crochets of beads, waterfalls of shimmering glass and the Nicky Vankets signature flower.

The main collections stocked are Jewels and Eyes.

TOCS Watches UK's Launch Spring Fair 2010

TOCS stands for "Timepieces of Colour and Style". The Rainbow of colours to match active lifestyle of various people and their clothing. Being water-resistant up to 100 they can be worn worry free while near water or the beach. With soft silicon rubber straps they are extremely comfortable to wear but, most of all TOCS are FUN and EXCLUSIVELY designed.

Glam Rock Watches UK's Launch Spring Fair 2010

The Glam Rock watch concept was born in Miami in 2005 in response to a marked tendency in the luxury market for combining design, technical, functional and aesthetic elements.

The greatest care is taken in making all timepieces, assuring excellent quality in each minute detail and boosting the personality of each unique watch. Conceived for consumers who are keen on fashion, luxury and quality, Glam Rock’s sophistication brings individuals into a lively mood with pieces that feature a strong temperament and a variable day-to-day chic style, worn and shown with self-assurance. Core consumers range from 25 to 47 years old and look for unique and innovative timepieces with a dynamic but elegant style.

The crown symbol, featured prominently on the watch face and in the company’s logo, expresses the brand’s philosophy based on a successful mix of qualitative choices and aesthetic tastes. The crown seals the singular spirit and allure of the whole collection Glam Rock logo and pictures featured in the different communication tools reflect the brand philosophy and are the result of a defined strategy that aims to strengthen a consistent image and brand/products perception while addressing to a high level target.

Just J UK's Launch Spring Fair 2010

JUST J’s meticulous crafted jewels guarantee unlimited possibilities in the way they can be worn. Collecting these pieces allows anyone to mix and match the jewels to give a unique personalised look.

Emanating positivity, the pieces embody inner shine and sparkle, freedom, fearlessness, inner peace, love and joy.

Available in sterling silver or in combination with 18-carat yellow, pink and white gold and diamonds, each piece can be wrapped around the wrist, neck or ankle. The collection consists of clip charms, ribbon charms, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets and a fresh water pearl assortment in happy colours and designs.

Spinning Jewellery UK Launch Spring Fair 2009

Spinning Jewellery is a breathtakingly dazzling and genuine collection of exhilarating and style-lead jewellery, designed for the pleasure and delight of both fashionable young girls and sophisticated women the world over.

A statement of who you are, continually defined and developed by both colour and occasion, mood and style, the Spinning Jewellery collection is a world of rings, earrings and bracelets in a stunning array of Sterling Silver, Gold, Gemstones and Pearls, influenced by colours of the season, beautiful shapes and alluring design.

With Spinning Jewellery you can express yourself and let your creativity flow, creating a uniquely personal piece of jewellery at a reasonable price that ultimately defines you.

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